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The European Caravan Federation (ECF) is the umbrella organisation representing the national organisations of the European Caravanning Industry. Membership of the ECF consists of 13 caravanning federations and numerous national members of the caravanning industry within the EU member states. These members are involved in the production, the sales and the use of touring caravans, motor caravans and mobile homes (known as caravan holiday-homes in the UK) and the supply of specialist parts and services to the industry.

The objective of the ECF is to represent the interests of all organisations commercially involved in the caravanning business, particularly manufacturers, and to promote the leisure experience "caravanning" in all its forms.

National, legal and tax regulations and public image differ widely in the individual member states creating very different market situations for the national caravanning industries.

The ECF was established in response to the gradual shift of governmental responsibilities from national to European levels for many of the complex economic, social, technical and legal issues relevant to the caravanning industry. The ECF with its specialist working groups and its wider network provides expertise for a European harmonisation during the regular dialogues it maintains with legislators, regulators and other European and international authorities at Brussels, Paris and Geneva.

ECF membership is open to leading national associations representing caravan manufacturers and/or importers (see constitution).

The registered office of the ECF is in Zurich/Switzerland.

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