Driving Licences

Extension of the B driving licence to 4.25 t: The European Caravan Federation welcomes the EU Parliament's First Reading.

On 28 February 2024, the European Parliament approved an extension of the B driving licence to 4.25 t for motor caravans in its first reading on the reform of the Driving Licence Directive. After the Council in December 2023, the next EU institution has thus given the green light for the driving licence amendment demanded by the caravanning industry.

The exact requirements for the driving licence extension will be negotiated in the trilogue between the Commission, Council and Parliament after the new elections to the European Parliament (6 to 9 June 2024).

The increase in the maximum permissible weight to 4.25 t for the B driving licence applies to both motor caravans and ambulances, regardless of the propulsion. For other vehicle types, the increase in the gross vehicle weight is linked to the use of an alternative energy.

The European caravanning industry has been campaigning for years through its umbrella organisation, the European Caravan Federation (ECF), to extend the weight limit of the B driving licence to 4.25 t for all motorhomes. Simple, consumer-friendly regulations are necessary to enable people to enjoy climate-friendly, family-friendly and safe holidays. An increase in the weight limit to 4.25 t, which is open to all technologies, will also serve regional development and contribute to the fulfilment of European sustainability goals.

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