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The trend towards caravanning in Europe continued in the exceptional Corona year 2020 and 2021. In 2020, around 235,000 recreational vehicles were newly registered in Europe.

Despite or because of Corona: record number of new motor caravan registrations

The motor caravan segment was again extraordinarily successful in 2020, growing by a strong 20.1 percent – despite or because of Corona – and reaching a new high. 159,082 new registrations mark the fifth record year in a row and represent a doubling of 2010. New motor caravan registrations rose in almost all European countries. In addition to Germany, the largest European market with 78,055 motorhomes, new records were set in Belgium (5,437 vehicles), the Netherlands (2,449) and Austria (2,969). New registrations also rose in France (24,961), the second largest market, Italy (6,527), Switzerland (6,351) and Denmark (1,298).


Demand for caravans in Europe slightly down

In terms of caravan sales, the result is satisfactory overall with 75,761 new registrations and despite a minus of 2.9 percent in 2020. A closer look reveals a mixed conclusion but given the difficult situation regarding the pandemic and the economy in some countries, this is hardly surprising. In the United Kingdom, the second largest market, caravan registrations fell by 18.0 percent to 14,977 vehicles. The now completed Brexit and its economic consequences probably also play a role here. France, the third largest market with 7,080 caravans, and number four, the Netherlands (6,948 vehicles), also declined. The pan-European balance sheet is mainly boosted by Germany (29,148 vehicles), the largest market, and the increases in the medium-sized Nordic markets of Sweden (plus 9.7 per cent), Denmark (plus 12.7 per cent) and Finland (plus 11.1 per cent).

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