In simple terms, the motor caravan is a vehicle with a habitation compartment. Unlike the caravan, it does not need a towing vehicle, as it is equipped with an engine itself. This vehicle is therefore the “all-in-one” solution for mobile holidays. Most motor caravans are equipped with a sleeping area, a kitchen and sanitary facilities. However, there are also particularly compact vehicles without a bathroom. Motor caravans are available in various designs and sizes. Depending on the manufacturer and price range, it also differs in terms of comfort and driving performance.

The alcove, for example, traditionally has its sleeping area above the driver’s cabin. In the semi-integrated motor caravan, the driver’s cabin can be integrated into the living space by turning the seats. From the outside, however, it is clear where the driver’s cabin ends and the living area begins. In the fully integrated motor caravan (“A class”), on the other hand, the driver’s cabin and living area are completely merged.

Enjoy all the advantages of a mobile home and still be compact and manoeuvrable – in a van with bathroom the best of both worlds is combined.

The main difference between a caravan and a motor caravan is that the caravan needs a towing vehicle. It is therefore not able to move itself. At the same time, this feature makes a holiday with a caravan more flexible on site. While the caravan serves as living space at the chosen camping or parking site, the car can be unhitched and used to explore the surroundings. As a rule, it is equipped with sleeping and living facilities, a kitchenette and sanitary facilities, i.e. shower and toilet.